Your business is our concern




Many competitions do what we do. But, not many businesses care how we care.

We know how tough for you to run a business. Driver calls in sick, car break down, clerical error, deadlines, increasing cost, employee theft…, the list goes on and on. Well, we can help.

United Courier Services and United Armored Car Services are reputable intra-state courier, armored car transport, supply chain/logistics, Cash Validator safe and ATM service providers since 1990. We also pride ourselves being the most flexible, economical and impeccable service in Hawaii.

In these nearly three decades, we aspired in enabling commerce in Hawaii where we all live and thrive. With our footprints are covering all over the State from public sectors to private companies, our passion that drives us till today still remains the same.

No matter you are considering a new proposal for or to start a new service in courier delivery, armored car service, supply chain or ATM service. Please give us a call at 808-944-8888 for a quotation.    

  • The most reliable courier service since 1990

  • Voted as the best customer service by top businesses

  • Statewide coverage

  • Scheduled delivery service to maximize   productivity

  •        Offer a wide spectrum of on-demand              services to suit your unique needs.

  •       Uniformed and experienced couriers

  • Bonded and insured




In service since 1990, United Courier Services is certified as a Common Carrier, with tariffs and quality regulated by the state of Hawaii. Our strong commitment to customer satisfaction, coupled with reasonable rates has made us the fastest growing full service courier company in Hawaii.

Our growth is a direct reflection of our keen attention to customer needs and clean records. All principals along with employees are free of any criminal records. We are committed to offering a broad range of cost-effective, flexible services that are tailored to your particular requirements. The United Courier Services  staffs are teams of highly trained and motivated professionals, uniquely qualified to provide you the service that you deserve.

Our comprehensive insurance package provides the widest protection for your valuables from the time of shipment to the time of delivery. With our state-of-the art equipment, stringent security procedures and our unparalleled reliability, we truly facilitate the commerce in the State of Hawaii.