United Armored is the government and business community choice of cash transportation solution.



Supply Chain Advantage

As an industrial innovative leader supporting businesses in Hawaii, United Armored Car Services specializes in bringing value and efficiency to every phase of logistic in finance. With nearly 30 years of experience serving Hawaii’s largest restaurant chains, department stores, retail outlets, supermarkets, hospitals, tourist attractions etc., in rigorous standards, we understand the operational needs of each faucet of economy. With nationwide reach and local presence, we bring together world-class expertise, logistics, technology and exceptional customer services to give you an edge in such competitive market.


United Armored differences

Safer for your employees

From the moment we touch your shipment it's our responsibility. There is no risk to you and there's no need to put your employees at risk by asking them to carry cash to the bank. You can focus on what they’re hired for.

Flexible collections

No matter what your needs are and emergency you have, United Armored will get it done.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

United Armored not only make your operation more efficient. It also increase its effectiveness as you can focus on your own operation without leaving the store behind for a long period of time.

Reasonable rates

As the old adage goes "Cheap is not good and good is not cheap." With our innovative business model and advanced technology, we refuse to furnish lousy service by hiring low grade employees who ultimately responsible for your hard earned money. We pride ourselves with quality employees, unparalleled integrity and impeccable honestly. The bottom line is we are at your service not having you chased after us to get it right.




Cash collection – Statewide
ATM – Replenishment, 1st and 2nd line maintenance
Validator safes – Purchase or lease
Consulting – Security or management
Training – Guard & firearm trainings
Supplies– Pouches, Kaba locks, bags


ATM installation
Emergency response
Guard service
ATM servicing
Facilities consulting
Risk consulting


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