Don't buy into Trump's trope-Published in Star-Advertiser on August 26, 2015

Donald Trump's campaign slogan is "Make America great again". We must examine what makes America great. The greatness of America is in its ability to embrace, inspire and provide. Making loud, sarcastic remarks and spreading fear is entertaining but does not befit a leader who can lead America to greatness. 

The fact is America is in a better shape than before with unemployment, GDP and inflation. China's financial turmoil is the consequence of its flimsy and untested policy. The sudden drop of Dow Jones Industrial Average does not reflect the America's fundamental strength. America is not in trouble as some claim. Don’t forget, Donald Trump is a businessman. His bottom line is profit. The popularity of his name has benefited his business greatly, according to his son Eric Trump ("Trump spreads his name, not his cash," Star-Advertiser August 21,). Make sure we don’t buy into his “Make Trump great again” campaign.